Safety Guide for Using Band Saws

Source: Band saw reviews            Author: Harry Barber

Among all woodworking equipment, band saws are considered as the relative safest machinery. But, the band saw is still a dangerous working tool that needs you be careful while working with. To avoid any considerable unexpected injury, we will discuss and give a list of items and safety principles that you should carefully consider.

Before you start working

  • Reading the user’s manual carefully.
  • Be sure that you fully understand the user’s guide before you start using any part of machine or tool.
  • You also should know the limitation and working ability of your machine.
  • Check the stability of the band saw to avoid strong vibration.
  • If can be, keep in mind some basic principles related to woodworking tool. That may save your time and maintain the process smoothly.

Protective Equipment

  • First of all, whenever you work with any kind of woodworking machines, make sure you wear eyes protection as goggles or safety glasses. As you know that the blades rotate in relatively high speed and make many small pieces propelling around in different directions. In other worse case, if the blade is broken, that may lead to serious injury. Therefore wearing an eye-protective tool is necessary whenever you standing near the cutting machines like a band saw.
  • A high level and frequency of the noise can also damage your hearing ability. That’s why the ear protection is required, either ear muffs or earplugs are good.
  • In addition, you should wear a suitable clothing while working with a band saw to protect your body from unwanted problems. The footwear is also needed in case of requirement.

Checking the band saw

  • Ensure that the machine is in good working conditions: right place of guards, adjusted and the band wheels are enclosed.
  • Set the height of blade guard in about 3 mm from the top of materials you tend to cut.
  • Make sure the tracking of blade is correct and runs smoothly
  • It is better to use the sharp blade, correctly set and right for particular job requirement (for example, blade width, teeth forms or suitable tooth pitch)
  • Check for the tension that set on the blade is proper. It is ideal to have the band saw which has automatic tension control feature.
  • Hold your stock tightly and flat on the table prior to starting the cut
  • Always use the stick if you want to remove the cut pieces. Keep your hand at least 3-inch away from the blade.
  • Ensure that the saw is running at full speed before you start cutting. Do not force the stock, let it being cut in designed speed of the blade.
  • Make release cut before cutting long curves.
  • While operating the band saw, if you hear any clicking noise, stop running the machine. Check for any cracking on the blade, if it is, the replacement is required.

Other recommendations while working with a band saw

  • Stand in front of the band saw when working, not at the side.
  • Don’t allow anyone stand close to the place where you work. If any breaking happens, it may cause a serious injury because of he/she does not have any protection.
  • Do not talk during working period, you will lose attention to current work. If you really want to talk, stop the band saw temporary.
  • Do not remove the sawdust or cuttings by hand even when the machine is stopped.
  • Do not leave the band saw running while you disappear. Turn off the machine and make sure it stopped before you go.

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